Those Memories

Fishing at Twin Bridges

Ever wonder what to do with your time when there is no extra money for all the big adventures that you want to do? Do you have big plans and ideas but are afraid to do it alone? Well, that was me too. I sat around waiting for that perfect timing when there is extra money on hand and someone who could go along with me. And then one day, I just decided, I’m over 50 now and if I don’t live my life now I may never have the chance to enjoy doing what I love to do. I’m already dealing with minor health issues and not getting any younger. So, if I want to enjoy any of the time that I have left then now is the time to do it. I can’t wait around for that large sum of money to come into my hands mysteriously or wait for others to join me just so I won’t have to be alone. Now is the time to make the best of what I have.

I didn’t come from a background with lots of extra cash on hand. We made do with what we had. And from that childhood there are lots of fond memories. Family vacations, fishing trips, dinners and cook outs. We were happy. Those memories are what made me who I am and have inspired me to continue on.

Join me on my adventures and let’s make more memories. Maybe I can inspire you, and maybe you can inspire me by sharing your own memories and fish tales. I would love to hear your stories. Maybe even share other low cost ideas and hobbies to do.

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