Just a little bit about me:

As you will find after reading my stories, I am not a writer! I speak what comes to mind and when it comes. It may not be grammatically correct and may not even be spelled correct. This is just me, sharing memories and making new ones.

4 lb Crappie I am a 911 dispatcher. I have my associates degree in Website Design and Development, but that’s not what this page is for. This page will be simple, basic and friendly.On my days off in my free time, I’m usually somewhere fishing. May not be catching anything, but at least I am at water front, relaxing, and hoping to catch a fish. Maybe one day I can just take off and camp and fish full time. At least that is my dream.  When I am not fishing, I may be sitting around strumming on my guitar, just wishing that I had even half the talent that my mother had.

Without dreams we have nothing.