I learned to fish at a very early age. I can remember the family camping trips with immediate and extended family. Sometimes taking up the whole side of a campground.

My mother,  grand-daddy and uncle worked the 2nd shift in the cotton mill and I waited very impatiently for them to get off work at midnight so we could all take off and begin our yearly week long camping trip for the week of July 4th. By the time they all got off work, my grandmother, “Nanny” would have everything packed up and ready to go. They would all come in and grab a bite to eat and then we would hit the road. Of course me and my brother were supposed to sleep on the way but we were always too excited. We just wanted to get there.

I can also remember the tales of me sleeping in a banana box with a mosquito net over me shortly after I was born. I was born in April and my first real camping trip was in July. So, I guess I can honestly say that I have been doing this all my life. It’s no wonder that camping and fishing is a second nature to me.