Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter, Stephanie!

Where did the time go? It seems as only yesterday you were that mischievous little brown-eyed girl stealing the hearts of those around you. I was always taking precautions not knowing what I would find in your pockets, from rocks to frogs and at one time even thinking you had found a new pet in a large rat. It felt as though my heart jumped from my body as I looked up as you were saying, “Look Mom!, look what I found!” Continue reading “Happy Birthday Stephanie!” »

Cast Iron Baked Potatoes with steak and shrimp

Baking potatoes in cast iron dutch oven on open fire

Open fire cookig

When cooking potatoes in an open fire, I’ve always wrapped the potatoes with aluminum foil at least twice and placed them in the coals of the fire.  Continue reading “Cast Iron Baked Potatoes with steak and shrimp” »