Riding Shotgun

September 2, 2018
Riding ShotgunAs I am gathering items together to take with me, she waits patiently watching every move I make. At this point she is still confused not knowing if she is going with me or going to her kennel. I can’t help but to sightly giggle as I look down at her and the look in her eyes is as though she is saying to me, “Can I go, Can I go Mom?” Yet she waits patiently for me to give that signal for her to come with me.  Continue reading “Riding Shotgun” »

1976 Argosy Airstream Motorhome

1976 28ft Argosy Motorhome

July 22, 2018
The question is,
Do I keep it, Or should I sell it??…

1976 Airstream Argosy 28' MotorhomeLots of memories in this old thing. It belonged to my dad and he really loved it. I remember he would just load up in it and drive it to the grocery store when he had nowhere else to go. He just loved to drive it. Sometimes he would call me up and say lets go fishing, and of course this is what he would come to pick me up in. We would take off in it and we might make it home before day light or maybe not. Continue reading “1976 Argosy Airstream Motorhome” »