A Bad Day Fishing Is Still A Good Day

Making Those Memories fishing at Heads Creek Reservoir

Making Those Memories

As usual, I was up before daylight on my day off. Yesterday was cold but today was supposed to be in the mid 60`s and sunny. Seems like a good day to go fishing. I was in no hurry, according to the fishing forecast conditions were very poor until about 10:00 AM anyway. I took the time to enjoy my coffee then started loading my gear on the truck. Dispatch is happy. She’s patiently waiting for me to open the door to my truck so she can jump in. – My faithful K9 companion, always ready to go.

We loaded up and hit the road. I stopped by the store for drinks, ice and maybe some breakfast. They still had biscuits in the deli so I bought us both a biscuit. “Yes, I bought my dog a chicken biscuit…” I took a minute to call my friend Robin to ask if she wanted to join me.  Nothing like making plans on the spur of the moment. She agreed to meet me there so Dispatch and I were on our way.

We get to the water right at 10:00. My favorite spot was already taken. I thought maybe it would be since I was so late getting there.  I found a spot close by just in case they left early. I set my chair up by the water and put one line out on the bottom, then walked the water’s edge casting a jig with another pole. I didn’t get too far off. Still keeping an eye out for the one I set out for bottom fishing, and also checking the spot I was hoping would soon be available.  It didn’t take long, the occupants left early so I loaded everything back on my truck and took off to my favorite spot before someone else beat me to it again.

I like this spot because I can back my truck down to the water and don’t have to unload everything. Just my chair and the fishing poles that I’m using. Obviously I’m not the only one who likes that particular spot. Within no time after getting there, others were also beginning to gather around the area.

Robin and Kenny had not arrived yet, so I was just sitting in my chair with two lines in the water, just enjoying the scenery and relaxing.  I reach over to pick something up, and what do I do? I fall out of my chair! With an audience! Leave it to me to give every one around me including myself an unintentional laugh. The person closest to me asked if I was okay. When he realized that I was laughing at myself he joined in and laughed to… Robin and Kenny finally showed up and they had a good laugh with it too.

After all, it turned out to be a good day. Didn’t  catch a lot of fish but just the time spent by the water was peaceful.  Kenny caught a huge carp and a bream. Robin caught a bream and I caught a Jack fish and a catfish. So, it wasn’t a total loss. Since the catfish was the only one worth keeping I cleaned it before I brought it home. The catfish is now cleaned, washed and added to my collection at home. – Fish fry in the making…

Carp caught at Heads Creak Reservoir Bull head catfish caught at Heads Creek Reservoir

Author: Wendy Nix

Not much to say about me. I'm just your average girl who likes to fish and camp, and if I could find a way to do it, I would be living off somewhere in the woods fishing every day.

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