Camping at Twin Bridges

Camping at Twin Bridges

I took my vacation this past week, loaded up my truck and took off for a solo camping trip, just me and my dog. A much needed vacation get-away. It would have been nice to have the rest of my family with me but everyone had to work. 

I found this place on and have been wanting to go check it out. I have to say it was very nice and peaceful. Very secluded and right by the water. Of course no amenities, but that’s okay with me, I can make do. That’s the kind of camping that I remember as a child. I had a lot of flash back memories come to mind during my time there.

There was some trash left behind by others but not as much as I was expecting. I picked up some of the larger trash when I got there, and more while I was cleaning up as I was leaving.  There is a store just across the road as well as about a mile east of there with dumpsters available.

There seems to be only three spaces available for camping. I saw a camper in one of the spaces and someone else was there fishing. I didn’t know at the time, but I later found out that he was camping too. He said he and his wife were camping in hammocks father back in the woods. The road was blocked off so you couldn’t drive back there. They were gone most of the day but came back at night. Even so, you couldn’t see them from where I was.  The camper pulled out the next day so I guess you could say that I had the place to myself most of the time.

Deanna came early one morning to spend the day with me for my birthday.  I made us breakfast over the fire and spent the rest of the day fishing. Then later grilled out steaks. I’ve always enjoyed cooking outside especially with an open fire.  The time spent with my daughter was very enjoyable! Wish my other daughter and grand kids could have been there.

Making plans already for my next adventure. Maybe camping again or just a day of fishing. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. Leave me a comment with any suggestions.

Video is now available on You Tube. Be sure to check it out.

Author: Wendy Nix

Not much to say about me. I'm just your average girl who likes to fish and camp, and if I could find a way to do it, I would be living off somewhere in the woods fishing every day.

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