On The Hunt

July 21, 2018 I have been telling myself for some time now that I was going to check out some of the free camping near me that I have discovered on freecampsites.net. So today, with nothing else to do, my dog and myself took off to go explore.  Hoping to find a new place to camp and fish. I was just out to explore. Didn’t take any fishing gear or camping gear, Just myself and my dog.

The first place I came to, I quickly realized that I needed my 4×4 truck to really do the exploring that I wanted to do. The only water that I found was the mud holes from the recent rain. ( It rained really heavy during the night and early that morning.) There were quiet a few places that I came to and stopped, just to debate on whether or not I should try to go through it. I was out in the middle of no where it seemed, with no cell service and no one really knew where I was at. (I just got in my truck and left, didn’t even tell anyone that I was leaving much less where I was going.) I thought about it for a minute and said to myself, “oh well, why not? I can make it…” I gunned the accelerator and away I went, slipping and sliding and spinning tires all the way. Boy! that brought back a lot of memories of my younger years.

I traveled a good little ways deep into the woods stopping to debate at a few more questionable areas. That is until the older, wiser, part of me kicked in and told myself that I couldn’t afford to tear up my truck. This is my only means of transportation. My 4×4 truck still needs an exhaust system put on it and I didn’t have any other way to work. I found a clearing that I could turn around in and started back out. All the way praying that I made it through those holes a second time.

Once I was back out on the main road I pulled over to look for another place close by. I set my GPS and I was off to explore once again. This time, I wasn’t so deep in the woods and the road was much better. It was dirt road, but that’s okay. My GPS said I was about 4 minutes from my destination when I came to another hurdle. This time, I knew not to even try this one. The road was completely flooded. I stopped the truck and let my dog out while we walked around the area. There is definitely water here and I saw someone on the other side fishing. This place definitely has potential but I still wanted to see the camping area.

Ebenezer Road Not even gonna try it! Well, I guess this is one adventure that I will save for another day. So, until next time…..

    "Without Dreams We Have Nothing"

Author: Wendy Nix

Just a small town girl with big hopes and dreams. I am now in my 50's with minor medical issues but that doesn't stop me from doing what I love to do. I love to camp and fish in my free time, and I have high hopes of traveling in an RV at some time.

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