Where is Spring?

Where is Spring

I’m hot, I’m cold, And now I’m sick. Sometimes I think winter is afraid to hang around much here in the south but yet spring is afraid to make a lasting appearance. So, in the meantime, we wait for that day that we can actually get outside and enjoy it. But then tomorrow comes and its cold or raining and we are stuck inside again.  
Yes, this crazy weather has got many of us sick and now I am joining that count. It has been cold and rainy the past couple days and today is beautiful, the sun is shining, highs today will be in the 60’s, and here I am all stuffed up and feverish hanging out inside…

There is fishing to be done, videos to make, and memories to share. Once I am over this crud it will probably be cold again.

While the crud has got me down I have been trying to learn more about this blog and vlog community. Expect to see more and better content from me in the future. I hope you will follow along and join me on this journey of doing things that I have always wanted to do, but always had a reason to put it off. Well, not anymore. I have decided to make the best of the life that I have left. Yes, I have health issues and age is not exactly on my side either, but for what time I have left, I plan to enjoy it and pass along the memories to my kids and grand kids. I will be happy to have you along on the journey.


Author: Wendy Nix

Just a small town girl with big hopes and dreams. I am now in my 50's with minor medical issues but that doesn't stop me from doing what I love to do. I love to camp and fish in my free time, and I have high hopes of traveling in an RV at some time.

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