techComm 4K sports camera

My own personal review of the techCOMM 4K sports camera

techCOMM 4K sports camera

techCOMM 4K sports cameraThe techCOMM 4K sports camera 20.0MP and 30fps in 4K. If your intentions are to learn video editing and possibly YouTube creator videos, this is really not a bad camera for a beginner. Although someone who is more advanced may need a little more than what this camera is capable of.

This camera comes with a waterproof casing, but I have not had an opportunity to test that out yet.

The box shows it comes with a 64G memory  card, but it does not. It only came with a 16G. I had to purchase another card separately. It also does not record sound very well. I had to purchase an external mic to go with it and still can’t get the sound to work with it. I have purchased an adapter for the mic hoping that might help with the sound. I will update and let you know about that once I have had an opportunity to test it out.

The camera also does not have very good video stabilization, so once again I have ordered more accessories for this camera.

These are only my own personal opinions and experiences with the techCOMM 4K camera. And of course we can’t leave out the possibility of operator error. There could be something that I am doing or “not” doing to be causing the problems I have had. If any one has any suggestions or recommendations, I would love to hear them. Leave me a comment or send a personal message on my contact page.

Author: Wendy Nix

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